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“There is no place for hate in our Amherstburg”

Amherstburg— September 9, 2022 — Amherstburg Council Candidate Tara Kearsey is disappointed and disgusted over CTV Windsor’s inflammatory news report of “online backlash” over the new transit pilot project in Amherstburg.

“This week, CTV news directors made an unethical move by reporting social media comments by two residents who feared the new transit service would bring more crime to the town,” said Kearsey.

While the news report refuted the implication that Lasalle’s crime rate increased with the start of transit routes, Kearsey says bringing media attention to the “discriminatory, elitist and ableist” comments acted as a catalyst to bring more attention to the voices of a few negative residents.

“Social media is too often used as a tool to spread hate and misinformation. Just because a few narrow-minded individuals speak poorly about our progress does not mean that our town is plagued with bigotry,” said Kearsey. “There is no place for hate in our Amherstburg”

Public transit is a progressive move

The transit pilot project will bring many opportunities for individuals of all ages who are unable to drive for one reason or another.  Teens who once had to rely on their parents to transport them to Windsor area malls, bowling alleys, pools and special events can now become more independent by taking the cost-effective bus.  People with physical and mental disabilities, seniors, and individuals who wish to reduce greenhouse gas emissions now have other options besides taxis and shuttles, such as those provided by Amherstburg Community Services.  The route will also bring more tourists to the town, which will provide economic benefits for small businesses.

“There are so many advantages here.  Amherstburg is a beautiful and inclusive town with so many wonderful and welcoming people, events and businesses.  It is a disgrace that a media outlet would tarnish our town’s reputation over the comments of a few ignorant individuals,” said Kearsey. “It is a slap in the face for those who have been working hard to improve the services for everyone in this town regardless of age, ability and economic status.”

For more information, contact:

Tara Kearsey

Candidate for Amherstburg Council


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